Wrap a Package in Bubble Wrap

Roll of Bubble Wrap

Good ol' Bubble Wrap

Did you know there was a right and wrong way to wrap a package using Bubble Wrap?

When wrapping a package of delicate contents up in Bubble Wrap, the correct method is to direct the bubbles inwards, towards the package.

Right and wrong way to use Bubble Wrap

The wrong (Left) and right (Right) way to use Bubble Wrap

The surface of Bubble Wrap is made up of semi-spherical pockets of air separated by uniform distance.  Importantly, these bubbles only appear on one face of the Bubble Wrap sheet. The opposite face is completely flat. This feature provides the Bubble Wrap with malleability, whilst maintaining its layer of air cushioning.

If you were to lay the Bubble Wrap on a flat surface with its bubbles facing downwards, the Bubble Wrap would not make full contact with the surface. If you were to lay the Bubble Wrap with its bubbles facing upwards, the Bubble Wrap would make complete contact.

Each side of the Bubble Wrap

Sides without (Left) and with (Right) bubbles

The idea is that when the package you have wrapped correctly in Bubble Wrap comes into contact with another object, the force is distributed evenly over the packing, thereby reducing potential damage, no matter where the point of contact is. If wrapped incorrectly and an object was to impact a point between the bubbles, then the force will remain concentrated on that point, and the risk of damage is greater.

Fun fact: 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Bubble Wrap

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  1. Ana says:

    Great post! I hope that you could help them with those tips! Since the bubbles of a bubble wrap (http://www.ozbubblewrap.com.au/) are what give protection, then they should be in touch with the object.

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